Saturday, 27 February 2016

3 months along

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentines & happy whatever else Ive missed whilst not blogging.
If you are still following, you are probably aware that my life has taken a big turn in this last year.  Where I used to teach creative embroidery and spend many a week developing ideas and making pieces for myself, I no longer do that at all.
I opened a virtual fabric shop via Facebook, closed my website, opened a new freebie one which I never get time to post on and am very busy with my Facebook shop
This is a new shop page as I was fortunate to gain an account with Moda fabrics.
It called Moda Fabric Treasure Group & I sell to the UK and some countries in Europe.
Its a small shop but is vibrant and interesting and I have met some super people both online and in person.  I sell Moda Frivols as preorders, precuts like layercakes, jellyrolls and charms and meterage off the bolt.  Im very picky with what I sell, only buying what I really love.
I dont know when Ill be back onto blogger, Id actually completely forgotten about it!

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